About the Book
There's a WHALE in the Canal! is a delightful children's story of persistence, resourcefulness, and friendship.  It begins when Humphrey, a young whale, learns about Niagara Falls in fish school and decides he must see this natural wonder for himself.

After convincing his parents this is something he can do he sets out from his ocean home for the great falls.  His odyssey takes him past New York City, up the Hudson River, and to the Erie Canal in Upstate New York.

Humphrey's journey, navigating the canal, leads to some awkward situations, setbacks, a new friend, and even a scary emergency he is called on to face using abilities he thought were not valued. 

Will all of these trials and tribulations keep Humphrey from realizing his dream of getting to Niagara Falls?

You will find out in sharing this warm and uplifting story with your children.

This book has an all NY connection- besides being a story about the Erie Canal, the author and illustrator both live in Western NY, plus the publisher and distributor are based in Utica, NY.

This book is printed in the USA

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